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My first large journey went in July and August 2018 from Brno over Ukraine to Russia and on the way back over the Nordic countries. The main mean of travelling was hitchhiking and the most usual accomodation was wildcamping or staying with kind local hosts. My best experiences from this journey were my visit to Chernivtsi, Kazan, Vyborg, Murmansk and Copenhagen, being guest in an Ukrainian village, an invite to Russian sauna, a walk over the roofs of St. Petersburg, a trip to the nordic tundra and the coast of the Polar Ocean, wildcamping on the North Cape and wandering all night through Copenhagen.

I regularly posted to my Telegram channel, but only in Czech. You can still use an online translator or contact me. I also shot some timelapse, the one from Russia and Ukraine I shared on YouTube and a smaller work from Copenhagen on Instagram. You can listen to a playlist Vostok on Spotify.

Martin Šálek 2018